Sewage & Grey Water Solutions

OFT Projects has aligned its services to the provision of portable and efficient Effluent Treatment Plants in addition to its OEM Water Treatment Plant offerings. Our Modular Equipment provides rapid turnaround time and simple maintenance solutions once commissioned at the client's site. We represent market leaders in Effluent Technology who offer highly efficient solutions that benefit both the environment and communities.

Sewage & Grey Water Solutions

Our plants are perfectly suited to provide Rural Communities, Holiday Resorts, Mining Facilities, Factories, Housing Developments and smaller Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants with reliable and low maintenance designs, durability, and energy efficient alternatives.

Trickling Filtration

Trickling Filter Technology is highly effective in treating Sewage and Grey Water with high loads of organic matter, BOD, COD and other pollutants for re-use in irrigation and dust suppression. Discharge water can be treated further to near-potable standards.

Trickling Filter Technology offers significant advantages to the end-user:

  • Simple, reliable technology - The trickling filter relies on attached growth technology (a biological process) with hydraulic distribution and control. Such systems can accommodate large fluctuations (quality and flow) of inflow and can even accommodate shock loads. The most sophisticated pieces of equipment employed are pumps, which are simple and easy to maintain.
  • Minimal automation and control - Because of the simple technology employed, automation and control is minimal and the system is therefore very reliable, robust and most appropriate for the envisaged application.
  • No skilled operators required - Hydraulic control and operation of the system renders skilled operators obsolete. The system does not require mechanical oxygen input and therefore no specific skill or supervision is required from the operators.
  • Low sludge production - The aerobic sludge produced in the trickling filter is returned to the anaerobic (septic) tank, where it is anaerobically digested to approximately a 3rd of its original volume.
  • Flexibility of load - The systems cater for periods of very little or no inflow, constant loading and short periods of very high loading.
  • Robust construction.
  • Modular units – allows for easy expansion of treating capacity.
  • Low energy input.

Basic system design comprises of the following:


Screening and Degridding – removal of sand and grit and foreign matter.


Primary Settling – removal of 60% - 70% of suspended solids.


Trickle Filtration – The Trickling Filter tower consists of a bed of highly permeable medium, which serves as host for micro-organisms to attach to and grow on, to form a biological film. The wastewater is sprayed over and percolates through the media. Organic material in the wastewater is absorbed by micro-organisms growing as a biological film on the media. In the outer portion of the film, aerobic organisms degrade organic material, whereas anaerobic organisms exist deeper into the biological film, i.e. near the surface of the media. The water, after percolating through the media, is collected in the trickling filter basin.


Secondary Settling Tank – settling out of suspended solids.


Disinfection – Disinfection of the clarified water by chlorine contact.

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50 PE - Mozambique

500 PE - Namibia

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