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OFT Projects has pioneered a new EPCM market offering to our Group clients which provides them with access to knowledge, expertise and experience with regards to Site Energy, Water Treatment and Marine Solutions which are all backed by a range of full-spectrum EPCM Services. To achieve our client-centric value proposal, we have assembled a professional team that are all industry leaders in their chosen fields who provide centralized access to our associate Technology Providers, Engineering Specialists, Process Management experts and Project Managers.


To achieve practicality, portability and standardization we opted for a Modular design philosophy that would allow us to not only manufacture and ship pre-manufactured modules but also provide the means for effective site-based maintenance and supply chain functions. It was identified that our clients Procurement, Supply Chain, Design, Engineering Consolidation and Manufacturing Silos were holding up the development of products and services. We needed to respond by building a strategy that would provide the following:

  • Project Management, Consulting and Technical needs analysis
  • Technical Design Development Project Management services from inception to installation
  • Client-specific Modular design, manufacture, shipping and remote site assembly services
  • Full staging, freight and Logistics functions
  • Spares and Sustainability programs for OEM plant and equipment designed for them

During 2013 our clients challenged us to provide cost-effective solutions that range from Design and Development right through to installation and site operations. To achieve this goal, our Group invested in Campus design and manufacturing facilities that were developed to offer Design, Procurement, Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance and have since expanded into Mozambique, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia and Nigeria.

Our Professional Team assists clients through a consultative approach in selecting the most effective and appropriate OEM equipment solution which is designed and manufactured considering their equipment selection and specification, Site Services, Spares and Consumables costs. We ensure that all items supplied, conform to the correct technical specifications and required standards as issued per project.

This approach allows us, as a Technical Services Provider to offer central control, accountability, and direct digital feedback to obtain the best cost and value results during the project.


With offices situated in Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, Zambia and Nigeria, we can manage, co-ordinate and facilitate various aspects of our Scope of Supply and offer after installation services in country. Our Group’s Manufacturing and Logistics hub, offers full staging, consolidation and loading facilities and situated only 25 minutes from the Coega Free Trade Port near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

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