Our OFTP Site Energy Team partners with Jozi Power who provide Site based Independent Power Generation and Power Station Rental options.

OFTP Site Energy Rentals

Jozi Power provides Site Based Independent Power Generation and Power Station Rental options. They specialize in Modular Power Solutions which offer a full-service power option as an alternative when variable load conditions are expected and may need to be ramped up during the envisaged contract period.

This augments our teams Solar Energy and OBC Diesel Generator Supply options and has a definite place in our Site Energy arsenal of services.

Jozi Power utilize primarily MTU Engines which are supplied to sites in customized Container Housings.

OFTP working with Jozi power assists our clients with tailored power generation to their specific requirements and when practical and cost effective makes Site Energy rental options available which offers:

Site Based Energy Rental with Full Service Options

  • Off Balance Sheet Capital Equipment Rental on a fixed Equipment Rental Cost per Month
  • Fixed Site Services Charge per month
  • Variable Equipment Charge based on a kW/Hr Rate

This provides the client with a detailed site energy cost budget and outsourced control based on their actual and projected usage based on a kW/h rate.

Applications Profile

  • Mining Industry
  • Marine Salvage Industry
  • Construction and Greenfields Project Camp Establishment
  • Retail Developers
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Facilities Management Industry

Value Proposal

OFTP and its associates offer a consultative approach to offering the best available site power solution tailored to the client’s specific needs and utilize our manufacturing and knowledge network to provide access to the following:

  • OEM Diesel Equipment with Site based Management and Maintenance
  • Solar Energy Options
  • Diesel Generator Site Energy Rental Options
  • Hybrid Power Supply Options

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