Thobeka Gaxamba, our founder and owner has an established history in Project Management and Community Development Projects. Her commitment to Community orientated projects was the stimulus towards developing South African IP and making it available to the next generation of South Africans.

As such we have joined forces with OFT Projects as an independent associate to commercialize and develop our collective South African Development and Transformation program. The opportunity arose when clients requested more comprehensive technical solutions, training requirements and service.

OFT Projects who primarily operate in the Sub Saharan African market provides us with an opportunity to develop our future business strategy towards managing the collective services and products available and make these available to our clients in a transparent and efficient manner.

Zinzi Projects focuses on aligning our current technical and supply chain solutions to serve the Education, Research and Health Sectors which hold specific benefit to the communities they are intended to assist.

Zinzi Projects to date has been engaged on the following Projects:

Current Projects:

South Africa

  • South African Marine Scholar Transport and Rural Community Programs
  • South African Hospital Facilities Management Programs
  • South African Chemical Supply and Process Services Programs
  • SA Based Drought, Malaria and Flood Relief Programs


  • Mozambique Marine Mobile Clinic Project

Zinzi Projects provides solutions regarding these projects as an independent entity with direct access to our Groups collective manufacturing capacity and capability through exclusive supply and service agreements.

Our available OEM Resources Represented are as follows:

Recent OFTP Marine Projects:

South Africa - KZN Scholar Transport

  • 8 Outboard-Powered Scholar Transport Vessels for use in KZN locations. Design developed at our Campus Manufacturing Plant with a modified outlay to fit purpose.


  • 20 stackable Oar-Propelled Flood Relief boats for a project based in Congo.

World Health Flood Relief - Congo

  • 40 BV Certified Flood Relief boats for a project based in Congo.

To learn more about our current projects and services please contact us directly.